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Dubious Words of Wisdom From Physics Students

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Boris Korsunsky was born in Moscow, Russia. He has been teaching, writing, presenting workshops, conducting educational research and collecting silly quotes since 1986. Boris has been residing in the US since 1992. Boris won the Amgen Award for Excellence in Science Teaching in 2011. 


Boris Korsunsky has maintained his sense of humor throughout the following ordeals: first, his upbringing in the Soviet educational system; second, more than twenty years of teaching high-school physics in Russia and in the United States; and, last but not least, obtaining a doctorate in science education from a fabled Ivy League institution. This is his first effort to put together a funny physics book: his previous books and articles are much less fun for a normal person to read. While counting the members of both the Russian and the US national physics teams among his former students, Boris enjoys working with students of all ages and levels – and this book explains at least one reason why... Boris currently teaches physics at Weston High School, recently recognized as the best public school in Massachusetts. Coincidence? We think not... Boris's hobbies include competitive badminton, travel and, well, teaching. His main passion in physics education is cognition of solving challenging physics problems and improving problem solving skills through interactive network-based technologies. While Boris has a long and diverse professional experience, having taught, published and conducted workshops throughout the world for more than two decades, he is especially proud of his recently acquired ability to turn book critics into small rodents (see the photo).

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